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What is Book Seat?

You can book your seat in the college by paying a certain amount.

Is my admission confirmed after I book my seat in a college?

The college will contact you (or you can contact the college) after you book your seat and will verify your documents and after that will confirm your admission.

Is my Book Seat amount refundable?

Your Book Seat amount is adjusted in your college fees and is completely refundable if you did not get admission in that college.

What to do after I Book my seat in a college?

You can go to the college and take admission there after verifying your documents that are required by the college.

Is it necessary to fill all the details in my profile?

Yes it is necessary to fill all the details in your profile before you want to book a seat in a college.

What to do if I don't have my Registration number?

You can leave that blank.